Rum with an Afterlife

All good moments
come after

After work and play, after ski and sun. After poor decisions and great calls. After ‘do it’ and ‘done’. After today and after tomorrow. Those are the best times, and the times we focus on. We are ./\fter. A true feel good rum drink, made in the Caribbean for carefree moments wherever and with whoever.

Feel good, after all

Easy on the eye and great on the lips, ./\fter is the only rum sweetened with organic honey and smoothened with feel good aloe vera. Sip it as is, or try out our signature drink. Thinking of you and the planet, of friends and foes, we have poured a lot of love into both our recipe and the manufacturing process.





Recorded history of aloe vera reaches back circa 5000 years in Chinese and Sumerian writings. In the time of the pharaohs the Egyptians called aloe vera “the plant of immortality”. The organic aloe vera used in ./\fter comes from Murcia, Spain, where the surrounding mountains offer the organic farm both protection from pollution and pure spring water.




The traditional rum manufacturing requires a lot of sugar. ./\fter is sweetened only with organic honey by our bee buddies in Murcia, Spain. Honey contains several antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, but here comes the best part: by using organic honey instead of its white cousin, ./\fter contains only 1,9g sugar per liter.



After Original 

4cl    After rum

1cl     Running honey (tune to your taste)

Top-up lemonade
(we love San Pellegrino Limonata styled lemonades)